CondeNast eCommerce

Conde Nast is the publisher of very known magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, Wired, Vanity Fair, New-Yorker, to quote a few.

CondeNast took the step to get in the eCommerce arena, based on their authority on Fashion and Technology. I have been hired to create the foundation of this platform. This has been a complete greenfield project.

I start with an alpha phase, in order to figure out the users’ need and then I performed an extensive benchmark to get an idea of the tech solutions the FashionTech could provide. I developed personas. When I finish creating a POC, I used it to explore the users’ appetite. I passed the learning to the product owner and the BAs.

The second research shot intended to test the usability of the solution built upon the outcomes of the alpha phase. I used techniques such as tree-testing, A/B testing, in-depth interviews.

Benchmark: competitors and tech offer | Stakeholders’ interview | Audience modelling | Personas’ creation | Requirements gathering workshops | Information architecture | Tree testing | Card sorting | Mapping | Proof of concept | Wireframes | Prototypes | UCD principles


Card sorting

Sitemap. I performed tree testing to ensure that the navigation was suitable to users