– CondeNast eCommerce – UX researcher – UX/UI designer

Conde Nast is the publisher of very known magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, Wired, Vanity Fair, New-Yorker and so on

CondeNast took the step to get in the eCommerce arena, based on their authority on Fashion and Technology. I have been hired to create the foundation of this platform. This has been a complete greenfield project.

To strength the project, I started with research using the following techniques:
– Extensive benchmark: all about the potential services it could provide, the UX, the data, eCommerce technology, the links between content and products
– Stakeholders interview to get analytics and audience modelling
– Personas creation
– Requirements gathering workshops
– Card sorting
– Mapping
– Proof of concept to demonstrate the relation between content to products
– Qualitative testing
– Present the learning to top-management

When the project took shape after this first shot. It had been time to build the platform itself and perform some usability testing:
– Card sorting
– Tree testing

The outcomes of these research are now visible at


Clickable prototype for a back end management tool

Card sorting for Information Architecthure