Lloyds Bank Group – UX researcher

Lloyds Banking Group is a conglomerate of real know retails banks in the UK. The company always look to improve its digital products and services to customers.

Lloyds Banking Group, through it innovation centre, is keen to explore Fintech, new features, new digital services. As all Retail Bank, they are also required by regulatory to introduce some new features. Before the introduction of the new products, Lloyds Banking Group is eager to inquire about customers’ appetite and about ways to optimise customers’ engagement.

Lloyds Banking Group hired me for two specific projects. I approached both of them in a similar way:

– Perform a benchmark of the market
– Stakeholders’ interview
– Build personas and an ethnographic based on analytics and demographics provided by stakeholders
– Definition of the subject and the type of the test to be performed
– Workshop with stakeholders to validate the test plan
– Help to hire the testers
– Test session in lab, analyse in real time of their reaction
– Review of the user journey
– Post-analyse of test sessions
– Development of PowerPoint to present the learning to relevant stakeholders

Now, Lloyds Banking has a good picture of users’ behaviour and concerns to build. These learning will help build the new services. The also get learning about ethnologic.


Obviously, Lloyds Banking Group is very picky when it comes to confidentiality. So, no picture could be spread online in respect of the non-disclosure agreement.