Lloyds Bank Group

Lloyds Banking Group is a leading bank providing retail banking and commercial banking. Lloyds Banking has a policy of improving its digital products and services to customers.


1. I started the project by meeting the stakeholders to figure out the exact expectation. I validate the findings with the SCRUM-Master and the product owner

2. I defined the users and created personas.

3. Mapping experience. I researched the journey of the users for the feature I was working on. It helped me to figure out the pain point in the process and where we could improve the experience.

4. Planning research. I developed a plan for research based on the expectation of business and the resources allocated to the project.

5. Building the prototype and the design with sketch.

6. Lab testing. I checked the usability of the solution and ensure that the pain points were fixed. I also figure out the appetite of the users for the new features and which conditions need to be met to get the best engagement.

7. Playback session. I edited the videos of the testing and create powerpoints to support the Playback sessions. I delivered recommendations to the stakeholders.


Mobile app – iOS/Android | benchmark | stakeholders’ interview | experience mapping | personas | scenarios | research planning | wireframes | prototypes | design | lab testing | in-depth interview | analyse of outcomes | report | presentation to stakeholders.


I used two prototypes. One for a mobile app and the other for a desktop application.